Antibacterial and Antioxidant Activity of Sulphated Polysaccharides from selected Seaweeds of Vadinar Coast

Author(s): Pragnesh N Dave, Parul N Marvaniya, Vijay R Ram, G Thirumaran and Ekta Khosla

In the present study the antibacterial and antioxidant activity of sulfated polysaccharide from selected seaweed (U. lactuca, S. tenerrimum, S. cinctum, S. myriostum, P. Boergesenii and G.edulis) has been carried out. The elemental analysis was done showed a high sodium concentration (825 ± 4.25 ppm) in G. edulis followed by U. lactuca (815 ± 5.66 ppm). Potassium was obtained higher percentage in P. boergesnii (21436 ± 5.66 ppm) followed by U. lactuca (16263.5 ± 4.95 ppm). The maximum concentration of calcium was recorded in S. cinctum (6527 ± 5.67 ppm). The physico chemical parameters like carbohydrate and sulphate was obtained maximum concentration in U.lactuca (0.955 ± 0.035 mg; 2.422 ± 0.086). FT- IR analysis of the different six (U. lactuca, S. tenerrimum, S. cinctum, S. myriostum, P. boergesenii, G.edulis) seaweed sample was done and functional group associated were determined. U. lactuca shows effective peaks in 3174 cm-1, 3458cm-1, which belongs to amide group and O-H group respectively. S. tenerrimum exhibited peak value in 1150-1070cm-1 and 3000-2500 cm-1, which belongs to C-O, O-H functional group respectively.

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