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Annual Paediatrics and Neonatology Summit

Author(s): Stefano Nobile

After much anticipation from our previous participants, we are organizing the “Annual Pediatrics and Neonatology Summit 2020” on July 30-31, 2020 to take place in Rome, Italy. The Pediatrics 2020 contributes the opportunities to determine advance techniques, research, and developments in the healthcare field of Paediatrics. All over the world these new methods and advanced techniques will be used to ensure the health of paediatrics and children. This Academic event includes imperative Keynote forums, plenary presentations, poster presentations, workshops, exhibitions and more. By participating in forums, sharing research and collaborating, the research community will be much benefited. Organized with the motive of accentuating the research with the help of international Pediatricians, neonatologists, surgeons and researchers by bringing together all the related experts and professionals under a single summit to emphasize the developments in health care and the future holds of Surgery. Pediatrics is the branch of medicine dealing with the care of infants, children and adolescents and the prevention and treatment of their diseases. Although most thinking and analysis of health care is taken from the adult health care system, issues surrounding pediatrics are unique and challenging and should be treated differently than adults.

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