Angiotensin converting enzyme genotype prevalence among Egyptian primary nephrotic and end stage renal diseases patients

Author(s): F.M.Zahran, S.Hamed, A.T.Keshta, M.Hussien

The Renin-Angiotensin system (RAS) is a key regulator of both blood pressure and kidney functions and their interaction. In such a situation, genetic variability in the genes of different components of RAS is likely to contribute for its heterogeneous association in the renal disease patients. Angiotensin converting enzyme-1 (ACE-1) is an important component of RASwhich determines the vasoactive peptideAngiotensin-II. In the present study,we have investigated 103 end stage renal diseases (ESRD), 104 primary nephrotic (P.N) patients and 102 normal healthy controls from Mansoura city in Egypt to deduce the association between ACE gene polymorphism and ESRD, P.N. The selected sampleswere assayed for genotyping ofACE I/D by (PCR) based DNAamplification using specific flanking primers. The results revealed that there was a significance distribution in DD genotype between ESRD and control group (p<0.05), with risk value (OR>1) which resulting in increasing the risk for ESRD. Therewas significance distribution in ID genotype between ESRD and control group (p<0.05), without disease risk (OR <1). Based on these observations we conclude that ACE DD genotype implicate a strong possible role in the in renal damage among Egyptians. The studywill help in predetermining the timing, type and doses of therapy for ESRD patients.

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