Analytical measurement and instrumentation for agriculture engineering

Author(s): Mohd.Hudzari Haji Razali, Mohd.Rizuwan Yahaya, Mohd.Sapuan Salit,Syazili Roslan, Muhamad Azhar AbdWahid

Tensiometers are instruments that analytically used to measure the energy status (or potential) of soil water. That measurement very useful because it direct relation the ability of plants to extract water from soil. Based on this experiment, irrometer tensiometer and watermark sensors are the methods that are used reading soil water tension. Tensiometer is the only one that has direct measurement, which means it actually reads the physical forces at work in the soil while watermark sensor is indirect method of measurement soil water tension. Irrometer soil moisture measurement is equipment that is used to optimize irrigation and maximize conservation especially in agriculture sector. Irrigators often use tensiometers for irrigation scheduling because they provide direct measurements of soil moisture status and they are easily managed. In addition, tensiometers can be automated to control irrigation water applications when the soil water potential decreases to a predetermined critical value.

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