Analysis of the Existing Methods for Elimination of Cement Slurry Losses While Well Cementing

Author(s): A. A. Ismailov, S. Z. Kabdulov and T. A. Tikebayev

Successful casing cementing has to provide a reliable sealing of thief formations directly during drilling throughout each of them. Therefore, in this article we consider the problems of qualitative well cementing under low formations pressures conditions. A comparative qualitative analysis of currently in use materials, which are added into cement slurry to regulate its physico-chemical properties (such as circulite, haydite, tufa, and different surface-active materials, etc), is provided in the article. Also mud filter cake influence on the quality of cementing is considered. We defined the mud filter cake removal during wellbore preparing, which is the most optimum measure to provide a qualitative cementing.

We suggest the most convenient complex of measures for eliminating of cement slurry losses while it’s pumping into a well and in this article we have discussed the oil and gas wells construction problems in conditions of low bed pressures typical for the South Mangyshlak oil fields in Kazakhstan.

It is well known that there are a range of unsolved questions, which restrain further intensification of oil and gas wells drilling in such conditions.

Today in conditions of the South Mangyshlak, it is possible to solve the problem by following ways:

• By using two-stage cementing,

• By development new backfill recipes which have low density, high strength, and good adhesion ability,

• By using technology of cementing in low formations pressures conditions,

• By upgrading the technology of well conditioning for cementing of production casing.

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