Analysis of Physico-Chemical Parameters of Kunda River (Major Tributary of Narmada from Nimar Region)

Author(s): Janeshwar Yadav, Sujit Pillai and Atul Upahdyay

Kunda river a large tributary of Narmada from Nimar region, which starts from Village Pipalzhopa, Tehsil Bhagwanpura, Distict Khargone to Village Hopa, Tehsil Kaswarad, District Khargone. In the present study, various physicochemical and pollution parameters like alkalinity, chloride content, total hardness, Mg hardness, Ca hardness, pH value, turbidity of Kunda river were studied. The study shows the hardness, alkalinity, chlorides, turbidity of water of Kunda River, which contains sewage of Khargone City was found above the prescribed limit. Therefore the conservation and management of this water is very much required as it supplies water to 1.5 lac population of Khargone city

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