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Analysis of Oil Extracted from Anethum Sowa

Author(s): Namrata Vats and Ragini Pandey

The dried power of Anethum sowa extracted for cold perculation followed by hydro distillation. The oil obtained by the hydro-distillation method from the fresh leaves and stems of Anethum sowa herb was analyzed by GC-MS. Twenty compounds were isolated and identified. The major constituents were apiole (26.15%), o-cymene (13.76%), α-thujene (16.53%), β-phellandrene (7.17%), 6,6-dimethyl-2-(3- oxobutyl) bicyclo (3.1.1) heptan-3-one (7.03%), exo-2-hydroxycineol (4.98%), limonene (4.16%), 3- isoproyl-4-methyl-1-pentyn-3-ol (2.89%), myristicine (2.16%) and dithydroumbellulone (2.19%).

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