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Analysis of Borewells Drinking Water in Vidisha (M. P.)

Author(s): Bhavna Chauhan

Fresh water, its availability and quantity is an important part of the ecology which has become scarce due to frequent drought situations and increased human activity leading to water pollution. Bore well water is expected to be good in quality and less polluted. The use of fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides in rural areas and lime, bleaching powder, refuse dumps etc in urban areas are the main sources of soil and underground water pollution. The present study deals with the investigation of borewells drinking water quality of sample collected from different areas in Vidisha (M.P.). Ten sampling point were selected on the basis of their importance. The water analysis was carried out for the parameters namely pH, temperature, total alkalinity, total hardness, dissolved oxygen, BOD, turbidity, sulphate, nitrate and fluoride.

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