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Analgesic and Anti-Inflammatory Activities of Novel 2-Thioxo Quinazolinonyl Chalcones

Author(s): K. Lakshmi, N. Rama Rao and M. V. Basaveswara Rao

A series of novel 2-thioxo quinazolinonyl chalcones were synthesized by the Claisen-Schmidt condensation reaction of 1-acetyl-2-thioxo quinazolin-4-(3H)-ones with benzaldehyde. The synthesized compounds were characterized by physical, elemental, IR, 1 H NMR and mass spectral data. Further, they were screened for in vivo analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities. Among them, the title compounds 3e, 3f, 3g, 3k, 3l, 3q and 3r exhibited promising analgesic and anti inflammatory activities

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