An Ultrasonically Assisted Solvent-Free Synthesis of Some 1, 5- Benzodiazepine Derivatives Possessing Significant Anti-Anxiety Action using Silica Gel as a Catalyst

Author(s): N. R. Chatterjee, B. G. Chandak, S. S. Thube, S. D. Kulkarnia and A. D. Deshpande

An efficient method for green synthesis of some 2, 3-dihydro 1H-1, 5-benzodiazepine derivatives has been developed by simple cyclocondensation reaction of o-phenylendiamine with aromatic, cyclic and acyclic ketones as well as 1, 3-2 dicarbonyl compounds in presence of catalytic amount of silica gel under ultrasound irradiation. The title compounds have been characterized by physico-chemical methods and screened for anti-anxiety activity in order to evaluate for the effectivity against diazepam as standard.

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