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An Overview on the Effect of Parameters in Characterization of Hybrid Aluminium Metal Matrix Composite

Author(s): R. Dinesh and C. Velmurugan

Aluminium metal matrix composite displays enhanced materialistic and abrasive materialistic properties. Apart from space and automotive applications, metal matrix composites (MMC) finding its position in prototyping, electronics substrates components, space vehicles, sports equipment due to its upgraded properties and improved performance. Certain design properties such as quality, cost reduction, uniform distribution, mechanical properties, and tribological properties of the composites depends on fabricating method adopted, fiber orientation and type of particles used. The association of pertinent reinforcements with the MMC have shown attractive mechanical properties. Influence of better embedded particles on metal matrix composite improves corrosion, friction behaviour and wear resistance with modified specific strength possessing exceptional tribological properties. Distinctive attainment of properties can be remarkably attained by fabricating the composite specimen by stir casting method. Right selection and combination of parameters influence the processing of composites decide the performance of the materials. Metallographic investigations examined by Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) ensures the existence and fine dispersion of particles within the matrix element beyond the clustering the particles. Aluminium composite exhibits improved wear resistance and enhanced mechanical properties suitable for automobile and space craft applications. Wear characterization is mostly measured with the weight loss of samples, by varying the conditions such as sliding distance, sliding velocity and loading conditions.

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