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An Overview of the Harmful Additives and Contaminants Possibly Present in Baby Cosmetic Products

Author(s): Nepalia A, Singh A, Mathur N and Pareek S

Baby cosmetics and personal care range of products is an essential part of daily needs of all the infants now days. These products are available in a wide variety to fulfil all the skin care and hygienic requirements of the young ones. However, it should be kept in mind that the chemicals used as additives in these products might be harmful to the immature skin and immunity of an infant. This article presents a review of the possible contaminants and intentionally added additives which are known to cause harm to human system. Our intention is to spread awareness among scientific community as well as the end users i.e. the parents of infants about these chemicals so that they can judge these products for their safety and quality on their own.

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