An investigation on the mixing of the non-Newtonian fluids in stirred tanks by double impellers

Author(s): Hani Taleshi Ahangari, Jafar Sadegh Moghaddas, Pariya Noeparvar

In this study, the conventional evaluation of mixing was done through experiments with different concave Impellers in a fully agitated baffled tank with two impellers. The electrical conductivity method was taken for the measurement of mixing time. 0.05 weight percent of CMC solution, which indicates pseudo plastic behavior of the fluid, was used as continuous phase and air as the dispersed phase. Three different rotational speeds of impellers: 200, 400 and 600 rpmwere employed.Aconsiderable reduction inmixing timewas achieved by increasing the impeller speed. Furthermore, a predictor equation is obtained for the mixing time by using of geometric characteristics of the impellers.

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