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An investigation of variable jet interaction between two active chilled beams for precision ventilation in an open-plan office

Author(s): Angela Guerrero

 By establishing micro-climate zones, precision ventilation was created to provide thermal comfort for workplace occupants. With increased airspeeds for improving heat transmission, the current study intends to provide personalized thermal comfort for occupants with varying metabolic rates. Higher velocity jets are possible to go to various areas of the occupied zone due to the varied jet contact between two ACBs with Jet Cone modifications. A thermally isolated chamber with colliding jets at its center was pushed toward various zones in an office setting with a constant room temperature of 23°C. In a room that was separated into four zones based on the metabolic rates of the people within, this study was carried out for five distinct instances. According to the experimental and CFD findings, Case 1 occupants with a constant 1.2 metabolic rate and symmetrical airflow distribution had a comparable Projected Mean Vote (PMV) index. The zones with inhabitants who had greater metabolic rates, respectively—were subjected to air velocities. A targeted airflow distribution made possible by altering Jet Cones increased the air velocity in the sole zone with me inhabitants

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