An facile high-density polyethylene - exfoliated graphite - aluminium hydroxide composite: Manufacture, morphology, structure, antistatic property and fireproof property

Author(s): Jihui Li, QiaolianWang,Mei Li, Jia Feng, Zhixin Jia,Yumin Su

Graphite intercalation compounds (GIC) and exfoliated graphite (EG) as rawmaterialswere preparedwith flake graphite, concentrated sulphuric acid (H2SO4), potassium bichromate (K2Cr2O7) and peracetic acid (CH3CO3H) and characterized.Then, highdensity polyethylene-exfoliated graphite (HDPE-EG) compositeswere fabricatedwithHDPE andEGvia in situ synthesis technique in the differentmass ratio, and their resistivityvalues (ohms/sq)weremeasured.Based on the resistivityvalues, itwas discovered thatHDPEEGcompositewith the antistatic propertycould be fabricated while the mass ratio was 5.00 : 0.30. Last, HDPE-EG-aluminiumhydroxide(HDPE-EG-Al(OH)3) compositesweremanufacturedwithHDPE,GIC and Al(OH)3viatheinsitusynthesis-thermal expansiontechnique, andtheir resistivityvalues andlimitingoxygenindex (LOI) valuesweremeasured. Based on the resistivity values and LOI values, it was discovered that HDPE-EG-Al(OH)3 compositewith the antistatic and fireproof propertycouldbemanufacturedwhileHDPE, GICs andAl(OH)3 ofmass ratiowas 5.00 : 0.30 : 1.00. Otherwise, the the petal-likemorphologyand structure ofHDPE-EG-Al(OH)3 compositewere characterized, which consisted ofEG,HDPEandAl(OH)3.

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