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An energy management system for microgrids was designed and applied to an isolated system incorporating solar thermal energies

Author(s): Richard Gomez

 This chapter describes a system for managing energy on an hourly basis (EMS). As the primary energy source, the Hybrid Renewable Energy System (HRES) is made up of a hybrid ae-generator system (WT), solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels, a Diesel Generator (DG), and a Distributed Collector System (DCS). The Distributed Collector System (DCS) is made up of a field of parabolic trough collectors that transport solar thermal energy to a power conversion unit to produce electricity, an Energy Storage System (ESS), the wind turbine, the PV panels, and the Distributed Control System (DCS) are designed to operate at maximum power, and the battery serves as storage. The Energy Management System (EMS) employs intelligent rule-based controllers to meet the energy demands of the load while also keeping the battery's State Of Charge (SOC) within certain target ranges. This study's controller is a fuzzy logic controller that mimics human understanding of various phenomena that may occur during microgrid operation. The simulation results show that the fuzzy logic-based control meets the objectives established for the hybrid renewable energy system's Energy Management System (EMS) (HRES).

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