An Eco-Friendly Process for Removal of p-Rosaniline Hydrochloride using a Photocatalyst and Study of Effect of Operational Parameters

Author(s): Ankita Vijay, Shamta Nihalani, Nupur Tripathi and Shipra Bhardwaj

Dyes are one of the major pollution causing agents. A photocatalyst is used to remove the dye in present research work. Effect of various factors like pH, amount of semiconductor, concentration of dye, intensity of light etc. was studied. The reaction was found to follow pseudo first order rate law. Conditions were optimized at pH 8.6, amount of semiconductor 0.18 g/50 mL, concentration of dye 1 × 10¯5 M and intensity of light 37 mW/cm2. Scavenger study suggested free radical (•OH) participation. Formation of nontoxic degraded products like NO2, CO2 and H2O etc. was observed.

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