Amazonian bioprospection and biotechnology: Phytochemistryplant cell culture-endophytic fungus, all together to achieve active substances

Author(s): Cecilia Veronica Nunez

 In the present work I will show the main results obtained by my research group trying to find out active molecules from the Amazonian region. From our bioprospection program, we choose several plants which were fractionated and the active substances were isolated. Then our research moves on to try to produce them in higher amount by in vitro plant cell cultures and also by endophytic fungus production. But for our surprise, they produce other substances, and two of them with a pharmaceutical use. One specific plant species was phytochemically studied, when we isolate several indole alkaloids and triterpenes actives. Then the plant was established in vitro, where callus was produced and we performed several assays with elicitors to induce secondary metabolites production. Also, one endophytic fungus obtained from this plant was cultivated and another active alkaloid was isolated. And we studied the proteomic expression of leaves, stems and callus, compare them and we found out they were able to produce the alkaloid enzymes. In this lecture I will discuss all these results.


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