Air Environment Associated with Coal Mining Activity : A Case Study

Author(s): G. Kumar, S. K. Singh, B. K. Sinha, K. Murari, S. K. Prasd, V. Pandey and Om Prakash

The Chasnalla block within the Jharia Basin is specially important for the coal mining activities. Consequence of mining activities involving drilling, blasting, crushing, transportation of coal etc. are the major concern for environmental pollution in the area. Mining and associated activities affect air, noise and water environment & degrades land and drainage system of the area.

In this paper, an attempt has been made to study the impact of mining operation on air environment as per TOR out at different pre-selected sites along with regular monitoring meteorological parameters at the selected site. The Environmental Management Plan (EMP) with respect to air environment is based on the base line environmental status, mining methodology and environmental impact assessment and has been a successful tool for assessing the impact of environmental pollution so far the air environment is concerned.

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