Aero Elastic Analysis of Rotating Machinery

Author(s): D. Prem Kumar, V. Balaji, K. Balachandar and S. Arun Kumar

Aero elastic analysis used in design of turbo machineries. A coupled time domain analysis, involving flow and structural domains, using 3D Navier Stokes solver is to be performed. This results in accurate plotting of flow-body interactions at different conditions. Blade structural response is modeled using a modal representation of the blade and the work per cycle method is used to evaluate the stability characteristics. Non zero inter blade phase angle is modeled using phase lagged boundary conditions. Results are presented for a flat plate helical fan, a turbine cascade and a high speed fan, to highlight the aero elastic analysis method, and its capability and accuracy. Obtained results showed good correlation with existing experimental, analytical and numerical results. Numerical analysis also showed that given the computational resources available currently, engineering solutions with good accuracy are possible using higher fidelity analysis

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