Adverse Impact on Soil and Groundwater Due to Solid Waste Opendump in Coimbatore Town Panchayats

Author(s): R. Prem Sudha, R. N. Uma and C. Meiaraj

The management of solid waste (MSW) is an area of universal concern for both the developed and developing world. It is imperative that efficient, technically sound, and cost effective solid waste management. Preserving a good natural environment is essential for a good health and quality of life. However, at present, the environment is damaged all around the world by several main factors, such as global warming gases emissions, excessive resources extraction or persistent organic pollutants release. Particularly MSW creates special concern among the general public due to its close relationship with the daily life of the lay person. Poor management of solid wastes materials leads to potentially disastrous environmental and health hazards. Polluted water (Leachates) flowing from waste dumps and disposal sites can cause serious pollution of water supplies, ponds and lakes. Solid wastes have potential for causing serious adverse impact on the environment. Open dumping of solid waste is done in low-lying areas and outskirts of the towns and cities. Being comparatively cheaper, this method of disposal is extensively used in India.

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