Advanced method for extraction of uranium (VI) from synthetic and Egyptian phosphoric acid using modified carbon

Author(s): M.I.Amin, El.A.Nouh, M.Gouda

The adsorption of uranium(VI) fromphosphoric acid ontomodified carbon has been investigated. The parameters that affect the uranium adsorption such as stirring time, carbon pH, solution pH, phosphoric acid concentration, temperature, modified carbon to phosphoric acid phase ratio and uranium oxidation state have been studied.Also, the factors affect on themodification of carbon such as the solvent concentration and soaking time were investigated. The thermodynamic parameters (Hads. = -51.60 and -53.70 kJ/ molwhile Sads. = -166.07 and -170.03 kJ/mol) showed the exothermic heat of adsorption and the feasibility of the process.

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