Adsorption of So2 by Marble Chips

Author(s): D. Sirisha, K. Mukkanti And N. Gandhi

The present study deals with the experimental investigations carried out for controlling SO2 by using marble chips (ore of calcium carbonate). It was found that the amount of gas adsorbed by marble chips is 85% at low concentrations and 32% at high concentrations. The experiments are conducted with respect to particle size, with respect to contact time, with respect to initial concentration of SO2, and with respect to marble chips dosages. The chemical component present in the marble chips is calcium carbonate. The calcium carbonate is highly metallic in nature and they are very stable because of the smaller atomic size and highly electropositive in nature. The calcium carbonate decomposition is favorable above 1000oC; the adsorption observed in the present conditions indicates physical adsorption. The percentage removal of SO2 increased with decrease in size, which indicates that greater the surface area, greater is the adsorption. The reaction between marble chips and SO2 followed first order kinetics and the optimum contact time for the reaction to occur is 60 minutes. The percentage removal of SO2 increased with increase in marble dosages. The optimum removal of marble chips is achieved by 8 g of adsorbent.

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