Adsorption of calciumcations on glauconite concentrate from aqueous solutions containing sulfate and nitrate anions

Author(s): V.I.Vigdorovich, L.E.Tsygankova, I.V.Morschinina, N.V.Shel, M.N.Esina, A.A.Uryadnikov

Adsorption abilityof 95%glauconite concentrate ofBondar deposit (Russia) has been studied with respect to Ca2+ ions fromthe chloridemedia. Influence of the initial concentration ofCa2+, additives of sodiumsulfate and potassiumnitrate and their concentration, sorption duration, adsorbent amount on the equilibriumtime and efficiencyof adsorption has been studied. Ca2+ specific adsorption decreases with increasing ionic strength of the solution because of extraneous salts insertion. The isothermmodelwhich best represented thedata obtainedwas theLangmuirmodel. Langmuir parameters forCa2+ adsorption on the glauconite concentrate fromthe chloride solutions in the absence and presence of the extraneous saltswere calculated. Characterization of the glauconite concentrate was achieved byX-raydiffraction, FTIRspectroscopyand thermogravimetry.

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