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Activated Charcoal Prepared from Agricultural Wastes

Author(s): B. K. Uphade, S. S. Shelke, H. R. Aher and S. R. Kuchekar

Activated charcoal have been prepared from the agricultural wastes of Glycine max using chemical activating agents such as zinc chloride and orthophosphoric acid. The activated charcoal prepared from Glycine max have shown that the charcoal have a good uptake capacity for acetic acid and oxalic acid. The adsorption studies also show that p-chlorophenol is adsorbed on activated charcoal. The present study reveals the recovery of valuable adsorbents from readily and cheaply available agricultural wastes from Glycine max. The study of Longmuir adsorption isotherm is also carried out for all carbon samples. The activated charcoal is also useful for the adsorption of other toxic materials.

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