Acceleration of Low Temperature Zinc Phosphating; Galvanic Coupling Vs. Electrochemical Treatment

Author(s): M. Tamilselvi, M. Arthanareeswari and P. Kamaraj

Galvanic coupling and electrochemical treatment are some of the possible methods of acceleration of low temperature phosphating. Galvanic coupling of mild steel substrate with the cathode materials such as titanium, copper, brass, nickel and stainless steel accelerates iron dissolution and enables an earlier attainment of the point of incipient precipitation (PIP), that is, the point at which saturation of metal dissolution occurs and higher coating weight results and thus possess better corrosion resistance. Electrochemical treatment influences the phosphating process in a different way. The present paper aims to compare these two methods of low temperature zinc phosphating process and identify the viability of these process for industrial application.

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