Abundance of Pollution Indicator and Pathogenic Bacteria in Alang-Sosiya Ship Breaking Yard

Author(s): Shriji Kurup, Ratna Trivedi, Jani HJ, Chatrabhuji PM and Bhatt PN

Alang-Sosiya Ship BreakingYard (ASSBY), is situated at 21°5Â’ 21°29Â’ north and 72° 5Â’ 72°15Â’ east on the western Coast of Gulf of Cambay. Besides translocating commercial goods, the shipping trade inadvertently spreads many animal, plant and microbial species around the world. Ballast water pumped in from coastal waters mediates translocation of alien biota to new destinations. Wide physiological adaptability, species diversity and invidiousness of some bacteria to cause diseases in animals and plants call for investigations to decipher the deleterious effects brought about through ballast water exchange. The aim of the present study is to understand the seawater quality and distribution and contamination levels of microorganisms present inASSBY.

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