A Validated Non-Aqueous Potentiometric Titration Method for Quantitative Determination of Candesartan Cilexetil from Pharmaceutical Preparation

Author(s): Rajan V. Rele

A simple precise, rapid accurate and sensitive non-aqueous potentiometric titration method was developed for quantitative determination of candesartan cilexetil from pharmaceutical dosage form. The titration was carried out using standardized 0.1 N perchloric acid. The proposed method was found to be precise with % RSD < 1 (n=6). The method showed strict linearity (r2>0.9999) between 20% to 100% of 0.100 mg of drug substance weight. The percentage recovery of candesartan cilexetil in the optimized method was between 99.49 to 99.91%. The method is also found to be rugged when checked by different analysts and using different lots of reagents and different makes of titrators.

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