A Theoretical Evaluation of Magnetic Field Dependence of Vortex Core Size and Coherence Length of V3si, Nbse2 and Luni2b2c Superconductors

Author(s): S. N. Singh and L. K. Mishra

In this paper, we have theoretically determined the vortex core size by taking Ginzburg-Landau parameter K = 1 for superconductor V3Si, NbSe2 and LuNi2B2C. We have used Eilenberger equations in our calculation. We have shown that vortex core size r0 and coherence length ξab exhibit magnetic field dependence. The maximum value of the cut off parameter ξab measured by μSR corresponds to the GL coherence length calculated from HC2. At low fields, where the vortices are weakly interacting, the fitted value of ξab agrees with expected from HC2.

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