A Study on Oxygen Gas Sensor Property of Lithium Doped Iron Oxide Thin Film

Author(s): M. Karunakaran and S. Gomathi

Thin film science now covers a wide span of disciplines such as solid state physics, surface science, crystallography, crystal growth process, optics, electronics, material science, etc. This subject initially confined only a few topics of physics such as general preparative methods by evaporation and
condensation, sputtering, etc. Film properties are also sensitive not only to their structures but also to many other parameters including their thickness especially in thin film regions. A “thin film” may be arbitrarily defined as a solid layer having a thickness varying a few Å to about 10 μm or so. The
objective of the work is to measure the sensor property of the Lithium doped iron oxide film for various temperatures in different medium such as air, vacuum and oxygen gas.

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