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A Study on Fundamentals of ??- Soft Set Theory

Author(s): Srinivasa Rao T, Srinivasa Kumar B, Hanumantha Rao S

The theory of soft sets initiated by Molodtsov, based on soft set theory in this paper we defined the Γ- Soft set, Γ- Soft subset, equality of two Γ- Soft sets, complement of Γ- Soft set, null Γ- Soft set, NOT Γ- Soft set and absolute Γ- Soft set with examples. Also, Γ- Soft binary operations like AND, OR operations along with Union and Intersection of Γ- Soft sets. De-Morgan’s laws on Γ- Soft sets and some fundamental results are carried out. In this paper, we introduced the second parameter set, Γ which denotes the name of a brand or company

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