A Solid State Oxidation Method for the Synthesis of Sulfones using Oxone

Author(s): N. S. Mahajan, R. L. Jadhav, N. V. Pimpodkar, S. C. Dhavale, H. K. Kunjawani and A. M. Manikrao

Various N-substituted-*-(4-phenyl-2-thiazolyol) thio-alkyl/aryl acetamides can be selectively oxidized to the corresponding sulfones in solid-state condition by using oxone. The synthesized compounds were confirmed by using elemental analysis and spectral data. These synthesized compounds were also tested for thesis antibacterial and antifungal activities. None of them were found to possess any promising activity. The advantages of this method are that it is a low cost and safe method with high yield and simple operating conditions.

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