A review on recent applications and future prospectus of hybrid composites in various engineering applications

Author(s): R.D.Pruthviraj

Hybrid compositeMaterials have extensive engineering application where strength toweight ratio, lowcost and ease of fabrication are required.Hybrid composites provide combination of properties such as tensile modulus, compressive strength and impact strength which cannot be realized in composite materials. In recent times hybrid composites have been established as highly efficient, high performance structural materials and their use is increasing rapidly. Hybrid composites are usually used when a combination of properties of different types of fibres have to be achieved, orwhen longitudinal aswell as lateralmechanical performances are required. The investigation of the novel applications of hybrid composites has been of deep interest to the researchers for many years as evident from reports. This paper presents a review of the current status of hybrid composite materials technology, in terms of materials available and properties, and an outline of some of the trends, obvious and speculative, with emphasis on various applications including some details of smart hybrid composites.

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