A Novel Synthesis of Substituted Pyrimidino-3-Substituted Thiocarbamides

Author(s): D. T. Tayade, D. A. Pund, R. A. Bhagwatkar and S. U. Patil

Pyrimidines, thiocarbamides and various analogue of pyrimidino containing nucleus have their own importance in medicinal, pharmaceutical, agricultural and biochemical sciences. So, it was thought interesting to synthesize 2-amino-4-hydroxy-6-methylpyrimidine by interacting guanidine with acetoacetic ester and its reaction with various isothiocyanates in acetone-ethanol medium. 1-(4-Hydroxy-6- methylpyrimidino)-3-substitutedthiocarbamide was isolated as final product with greater yield and purity.

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