A novel eco friendly synthesis of cerium oxide nano particles using glycerol as stabilizing agent

Author(s): S.S.Jayanthi

Cerium oxide nano particles are synthesized by solvent free method using cerium nitrate as starting material and glycerol as organic dispersant. Thematerialwas characterized byXRD, SEM,UV- visible and fluorescence techniques. XRD analysis revealed that the ceriumoxide nano particles has face centered cubic structure. The average grain size was about 59 nm. The surface morphology of the compound was carried out using SEM and the particles forms a nano tubular structure which grows up to 3 nm. The EDAX spectrum reveals the purity of the compound. The UVspectrumshows a maximumat 338 nmwhich is due to the charge transfer fromoxygen to ceriumin ceriumdioxide. The fluorescence spectrum shows three emission around 378, 438 and 484 nm.

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