A New Sensor for the Determination of p-Aminophenol Based on Screen Printed Electrode

Author(s): Mahmoud Khodari* and Ekram Rabee

A new Voltammetric sensor based on screen printed electrode was established for the determination of p-aminophenol (4-AP), The cyclic voltammograms of 4-aminophenol (4-AP) showed a well-defined peak at -57V and a small peak at -48 mV at low concentration, but this peak shifted to positive values by increasing concentration. The reduction peak was characterized with respect to supporting electrolyte, pH, accumulation potential, scan rate and other different experimental variables. The resulting reduction peak response showed a linear behavior with correlation coefficient of 0.9971. A detection limit of 0.045 μM 4-aminophenol was obtained under the optimum conditions; the method was applied for the determination of the mentioned compound in water and soil samples.

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