A natural cation exchanger, clinoptilolite effects on bones in an osteoporosis animal model and randomized human clinical trial

Author(s): Sandra KraljeviÄ? PaveliÄ?

Osteoporosis has been acknowledged as a substantial burden despite available pharmacological treatments, in particular related to the occurrence of fractures in this group of patients. Herein we present data on a natural cation exchanger, clinoptilolite effects on the bones obtained in the in vivo studies in an ovariectomized rat model and a randomized double blinded placebo controlled clinical study on humans. The intervention on animals and humans is based on a defined cation exchanged zeolite-clinoptilolite PMA (Panaceo Micro Activation). The intervention improved histomorphometric parameters of bones in ovariectomized animals. In addition, PMA-zeolite-clinoptilolite intervention increased BMD (bone mineral density) values, increased bone formation markers, significantly reduced level of pain and significantly better estimated health condition in PMA-zeolite-clinoptilolite patients in comparison with control group (placebo) within the first year of intervention. 


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