A Kinetic and Mechanistic Study on Effect of Variation of Micelles on Redox Reactions of α-Amino Acids by Permonosulphuric Acid

Author(s): P. Rajkumar and K. Subramani

The oxidation of α-amino acids by permonosulphuric acid (PMS) at 27 ± 0.2°C in micellar medium has been attempted. The reaction is first order each, in PMS and α-amino acids. The rate of electron transfer from α-amino acids to PMS increases with an increase in the concentration of micelles. The unbound amino acids yield about 100% carbonyl compounds in presence of micelles. It rules out the synchronous C-C and N-H bond fission. With increase in micelles concentration, an increase in the rate has been observed. The product and stoichiometry corresponds to the reaction of 1 mole of α-amino acids for about 1 mole of PMS. The added CTAB enhances the rate of oxidation of a reaction much more than NaLS.

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