A Genuine Focus on the Distribution of Salts and Organic Matter Content in the Surrounding Soils of Guwahati Refinery of Kamrup District, Assam, India

Author(s): Jayashree Deka and H. P. Sarma

The research work was done to test the soil fertility status in the soil of outskirts of Guwahati refinery of Kamrup district. The district lies between 25.46 and 26.49 north latitude and between 90.48 & 91.50 east Longitude and covers an area of 4, 34, 500 ha. A total of nineteen soil samples colllected from various directions out side the refinery have been analyzed and studied separately. Mainly surface soils were collected as these may highly be polluted. This paper presents preliminary results of the testing of soil samples. Sample data were subjected to statistical treatment using Gaussian distribution statistic and correlation analysis. The result shows an increase in content of calcium, magnesium, total phosphorus, phosphate, sulphate and electrical conductivity in soil, surrounding refinery. Increase of all this parameters may change the status of the soil fertility and pollute the environment.

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