A facile single-step approach for preparing water-based [email protected] magnetic nanofluids

Author(s): JieMa, GuoliangCheng,Wenlie Li, Jiantao Zhao, Shuping Zhang, ZhenranTian, Sergey Basov

Awater-basedmagnetic nanofluid is constructed by directly dispersing [email protected] formaldehyde resin (PFR) nanocomposites into purewater without adjustingpHvalueor addingadditives.The turbidliquidincludingFe 3O4nanoparticleswithsizearound 20 nmare firstly prepared via a co-precipitation route. When hexamethylene tetramine and phenol areput into themixture, it is demonstrated by hydrothermal process at 120ºC for 2h. The nanocomposites are characterized byXRD, FTIR, SEM, TEMand VSMinstruments. The hydrophilic branch-like PFR coating paramagnetic Fe3O4 nanoparticle is accomplished via a hydrothermal approach. The nanofluid exhibits excellentmagnetismand high stability.The formational mechanismis discussed.

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