A Facile One Pot Synthesis of Diverse Tetrazoles Containing Benzothiazole Moiety

Author(s): Khushi Kanwar, Manish K. Rawal, Rehana Khanam, Daksha Sharma, Anju Jain and Saba Khan

In present study an efficient and mild synthesis of some diverse tetrazole containing benzothiazole moiety has been described using a multi-component reaction. Starting material 2-(piperazine-1-yl)-1,3-benzothiazole (3) was prepared by condensation between 2-(methylthio)benzothiazole (1) and piperazine (2) in microwave using alumina as a solid support. Microwave assisted synthesis using alumina as a solid support provides a green route for synthesis with high yield and short time as compared to conventional synthesis. 2-(Piperazine-1-yl)-1,3-benzothiazole on stirring with various aldehydes, TMSN3 and tert-butyl isocyanide in methanol led to tetrazoles containing benzothiazole moiety (4a-e). The synthesized compounds have been characterized on the basis of their elemental and spectral analysis.

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