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A Double Layer Information Security Approach Through Image Scrambling and Data Hiding

Author(s): S. Subashanthinia*, N. Jeyanthia and V. Thanikaiselvanb

Steganography plays a vital role in transmitting secret information over the Internet. Though many techniques are available in steganography, they all differ in their performance measures such as embedding capacity, robustness and imperceptibility. This paper aims at an implementation of an efficient double layer secured algorithm for data hiding in grayscale images. In this proposed methodology two levels of security has been implemented. The first level processing involves scrambling of the cover image before embedding the secret data. Second level of security is employed by using secret keys to embed the secret data. This Non-Adaptive method deploys an error reduction module that yields a high visual quality stego image. Thus this proposed methodology provides very high security. This work has been implemented in MATLAB environment.

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