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A Comparative Study of Sonolytic, Photocatalytic and Sonophotocatalytic Degradation of Crystal Violet

Author(s): Garima Ameta, Prahlad Vaishnav, R. K. Malkani and Suresh C. Ameta

The degradation of crystal violet (CV) in aqueous suspension was studied by sonolysis, photocatalysis and sonophotocatalysis. The bleaching of dye was monitored spectrophotometrically. The effect of various parameters like concentration of dye, pH, amount and particle size of semiconductor (ZnO) on the rate of degradation has also been observed. It has been reported that combination of ultrasound and photocatalysis in the aqueous phase increases the rate due to an increased concentration of reactive radicals. A tentative mechanism for the sonophotocatalytic bleaching of crystal violet has been proposed.

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