A comparative analysis of participation of women to agricultural activities and utilization possibilities of agricultural extension (survey at center of Tokat province)

Author(s): Nuray Kizilaslan, Murat Ercoban

In this study, possibilities of participation ofwomen in agricultural activities and utilization of facilities of publication at mountain and at plain villages of Tokat were investigated. 13 villages (20% of the villages at the center) were selected according to purpose-sample-method.Amongst the villages, 101 female farmers were built up as sample volume according tomethod of proportional sample distribution (one of laminar sample methods). According to the research results, women in rural areas participate in agricultural production activities significantly and contributes to family income. 91.9%of female farmers participates in crop production activities. At mountain and plain villages, most women work for their own needs such as crop production for the home. This ratio is 88.14%at the mountain villages and 83.34% at the villages at plains. 90.1% of the women participates in the activities of animal breeding. Female farmers taking part in animal production, mainly work on production of dairy products and milking the animals. Despite these important contributions, women cannot benefit fromeducational opportunities and extension services sufficiently. Only 13.55% of female farmers in mountain villages and 30.95% in the lowland villages stated that they benefited agricultural extension services. 60.78%of women not attending extension activities atmountains declared they have heavy work load; meanwhile 33.33% of them stated that they cannot find spare time for extension services. Female farmers’ participation at decision-making of family varies according to the villages. In general, women stay passive among decision-making process. According to these results, by taking into account of contribution and participation of the female population in production activities, more opportunities shall be provided to female farmers to improve themselves.Moreover, roles within the familymust be activated. In this context, agricultural extension services intended to education of women, shall be emphasized more often.

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