A Brief Study of Ards Associated Proteins, Drugs, and Snps at Pharmacogenomics Level

Author(s): Isha Srivastava and Yasha Hasija

Age related disorders are the main cause of poor health conditions of older people. Although there is research going on several antiaging drugs but the effectiveness of antiaging drug is still far from satisfactory. Recently, the single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) have been chosen as one of the personalized medicine markers. Many pharmacogenomics databases have been developed to provide comprehensive information by associating SNPs with drug responses, disease incidence, and genes that are critical in choosing personalized therapy. However, till date no one studied association of age related disorders at the level of drugs and SNPs. Therefore, in this work, we have attempted to investigate the association of drug-SNP and ARDs proteins by the application of systems biology. Hope this work will contribute in improvement of ARDs curation

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