5,7,3'4'-Tetrahydroxy Flavone -3-O-Β-D-Galactopyranoside from the Flowers of Strychnos Potatorum Linn

Author(s): Alok Sahai and Shubha Tiwari

The methanol soluble part of the concentrated ethanolic extract of the flowers of Strychnos potatorum Linn gave a flavonoidal glycoside AS-2 having molecular formula C21H20O12, m.p. 262-2630 C and (∝)D 16 ÷ 18.60 (in CHCl3), M+ = 464 (By mass spectroscopy). By chemical reactions and spectral analysis, it was identified as; 5,7,3'4'-tetrahydroxy flavone -3-O-β-D-Galactopyranoside.

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