2-N-Anilinopyridine and 2-N-Piperidinopyridine: Fluorescence Properties

Author(s): Zanariah Abdullah, Noordini Mohd Salleh, Maizathul Akmam A. Bakar and Zaharah Aiyub

2-Chloropyridine, which was obtained commercially, was used as the precursor for the preparation of 2-N-piperidinopyridine and 2-N-anilinopyridine. Fluorescence studies were carried out in various solvents, in capped and uncapped condition. 2-N-Piperidinopyridine showed the highest fluorescence peak in ethanol for both conditions. The fluorescence peak of 2-N-piperidinopyridine was observed at 372 nm, when excited at 258 nm for capped sample, where the uncapped sample showed fluorescence peak at 372 nm, when excited at 293 nm. Similar results were obtained with capped and uncapped samples of 2-N-anilinopyridine; whereby fluorescence peak was observed at 383 nm when excited at 277 nm for capped condition, and fluorescence peak at 335 nm when excited at 384 nm for uncapped condition. The fluorescence peaks of 2-N-anilinopyridine were recorded at higher wavelengths to 2-N-piperidinopyridine.

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