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1D Thermodynamic Simulation of Transient Cycle in AVL Boost for a Euro IV Turbocharged Diesel Engine

Author(s): S. Vinay Kumar Reddy, V. Devanandh and N. Prakash

European Transient Cycle (ETC) is a transient operation cycle for heavy duty diesel engines, by variation of engine load and speed that simulates real world driving conditions in Rural, Urban and Highway scenarios, with a cycle time of 1800 seconds. This is a part of the Homologation procedure to get an engine type approved. The transient engine operation has an impact on the turbocharger operating parameters such as boost pressure, mass flow variations which will affect the engine emissions. For the first time transient simulation attempt was done in AVL BOOST. Turbocharger lag is the most notable feature of an engine since the transient operation drastically differentiates the torque pattern from the respective steady state operation. In this 1D simulation study has been conducted on 130 hp EGR engine model to evaluate the transient response and part load performance. The study has employed ETC cycle as the transient input.

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