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Biochemistry: An Indian Journal publishes original scientific and specialized articles on all aspects of biochemistry. Manuscripts may be offered as Original Research, Case reports, Commentary, Review, Opinion, Perspective, Short communication, Rapid communication, etc.

Aims and Scope

The Journal is aimed to the rapid publication of fundamental research that are at the interface of chemistry and biology. Research areas included are biochemistry, cell biology, medical pathology, developmental biology, immunology, molecular biology, neurobiology, plant biology, and proteomics. All contributions shall be rigorously refereed and selecting on the basis of quality and originality of the work as well as the breadth of interest to readers.

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Recently Published Papers

Head Space Solid Phase Micro-Extraction (HS-SPME) Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometric (GC-MS) Analysis of Vinasse from Razi Alcohol Industry Using DVB/CAR/PDMS Fiber

Author(s): Fatemeh Palash, Zahra Ramezani*, Nadereh Rahbar3and Neamat Jaafarzadeh

Vinasse is among the byproducts of alcohol production factories. In this research, the aim has been to identify the volatile compounds present in vinasse, which are the cause of a stinking o..

Original Article, Biochem Ind J. 2018 Vol: 12( 1)

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Health Care

Author(s): Mishra SG, Takke AK, Auti ST, Suryavanshi SV and Oza MJ

The purpose of Artificial Intelligence is to make computers more useful in solving problematic healthcare challenges and by using computers we can interpret data which is obtained by diagnos..

Review, Biochem Ind J. 2017 Vol: 11( 5)