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The Thickness of the Membrane in Charged Protein-Lipid Interactions

Author(s): Joseph Witch

The activities of essential and fringe layer proteins, as well as cell disturbing peptides, are known to be impacted by charged amino acids. Albeit atomistic sub-atomic elements studies have revealed insight into the mechanics of charged protein bunch film restricting and movement, the effect of the total scope of layer Physio-synthetic attributes and geographies presently can't seem to be explored. We explored the development of an Arginine (Arg) side chain simple across immersed phosphatidylcholine (PC) bilayers with hydrocarbon tail lengths going from 10 to 18 carbons in this paper. With expanded entrance into the hydrocarbon center, the free energy profiles all show steep trips, with unsurprising movements between bilayers of differing thickness, bringing about an obstruction decrease from 26 kcal/mol for 18 carbons to 6 kcal/mol for 10 carbons. We see tight transmembrane pores and related levels in the free energy profiles for lipids with 10 and 12 carbons.

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